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Welcome to the Offical Home of the Sky Tug Hybrid Airship for X-Plane 9 & 10!

Have you ever desired to Float on Air? To conqure the skies with a ship that you could fly? I have, from the time I was 5 years old, I imagined I had my own personal Airship that would take me everywhere. Yet the Age of Airships came and went and when I was born in the 90s Airships had become something of an extent species, only used as sky cameras for sports events. They had been forgotten due to a belief of inherent safety issues, and a lack of a well proven prototype.

Yet in recent years Airship Technology has been making a comeback. The Key factor can be attributed to the radically new idea of combining the principles of aerodynamic lift with buoyant lift to create what is called a Hybrid Airship. These Hybrids get 60% of their lift from the helium in their envelope, but they also get a whopping 40% extra lift from the shape of their hull as it moves through the air.

Now this may seem simple when you think about it, yet the implication's of this are absolutely HUGE! It's a game changer, no doubt about it, because it takes the Airship from something unstable and impractical to something that lives up to the name 'Ship' in the word Air"Ship". Not only dose it mean that any airship can be 60% as big as it is now and take the same amount of cargo, but it also solves a lot of safety issues that most people didn't even know existed.
For example, did you know that a Traditional LTA (or Lighter Then Air) craft is not able to takeoff and land vertically? The Hindenburg could takeoff vertically, but that was because it used Hydrogen which was cheap enough to vent. Modern day blimps cannot vent Helium because it's too expensive to replace, so instead what they do is they have just enough helium to make them neutrally buoyant in the air at takeoff and to go up they push forward and aim the nose up, this creates about 10% aerodynamic lift which gives them positive lift and they go up. To get down they invert the process.

What this means is that you can't land a blimp in a parking lot, or hover over a city street corner, like one could with a helicopter. Helicopters are used all over the place because they are able to do things like hover, Take-off and land Vertically (Also known as VTOL.) They can fly sideways, fly backwards, etc. all of which are things a blimp simply cannot do. Blimps are more like slow airplanes that need to have a very exact amount of weight to maintain stability.
Hybrid Airships however, are different, they can do all the same things a helicopter can, but on top of that, they do it at 1/10th the cost, have 10 times as much range, and are 1/10th as noisy as a helicopter. They are also, easy to fly.

Think if you will, the implications, these Hybrid Airships are truly a ship that can fly, a vessal that can do anything. I wanted to learn to fly these Hybrid Airships because I believe there is a Second Golden Age of Airships coming, and I needed a simulator to learn how to fly them. To simulate these Airships I found out about a handy flight simulator called X-Plane that allows one to draft their design and see how it flies. No one else had built a Hybrid Airship like this before, so I had to create the airship on my own. The end result is what you see before you, my Sky Tug.

All you need is a copy of X-Plane 9.7 or higher and a copy of my Sky Tug which you can download here:

              >>> DOWNLOAD PAGE<<<

You will learn to master the Sky and become a true Airship Buccaneer! Have fun and leave feed back in the fourm.

Thank you.
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